Founder Story

Meet Jennifer

Founder of Creation skin sanctuary

Growing up in a science-driven household in the quiet corner of Northeastern Connecticut, Jennifer was taught the value of a curious mind that fostered a bold and tenacious spirit that laid the groundwork for what later became Creation Skin Sanctuary, her outpouring of love into the world. As she grew into a young woman, the world of science and research united, blossoming into a persistent desire to embrace the beautiful world around her. 

“From a young age, I was drawn to the beauty industry and as a young adult, worked at some of the most renowned spas in the area where  I had the honor of working alongside and being mentored by some extremely talented and inspiring women. It was a time of significant growth where I had the privilege of obtaining advanced certifications in esthetics and holistic modalities that changed the way I understood beauty and wellness.” 

Founder Story

While working in the therapeutic services sector, Jennifer gained hands-on experience of the importance of safety and efficacy without compromising her client’s expectations for effective solutions that delivered visible results; it was this knowledge that she drew on when her own body began to reject her.

Faced with her own personal, emotional, and spiritual challenges, Jennifer began to experience physical manifestations that greatly impacted her health and physical wellness, leaving her feeling desperate and defeated.

“At the time I was struggling so much, trying to balance being a mother and carer to my late mother while trying to maintain a functional home and a healthy marriage. Becoming a scientist was definitely not the direction where I saw my life going! 

However, during a time of great strife and mounting challenges, Jennifer was drawn to understand more about the effects her emotional and spiritual health were having on her physical wellness, later learning how to holistically manage and improve her overall wellness while being more present for her family and marriage. 

“Diving into studying the chemistry of the body and the natural world was my own personal sanctuary, it was a constant reminder to me that we exist in a world that is so much bigger than ourselves. The world and all that is in it, is simply magnificent, a perfect and beautiful manifestation of our imaginative Creator. There are so many secrets found in the beauty of Creation, waiting to be discovered, waiting for us to realize that we have already been given all that we need to thrive in our life here in on Earth.”

With a renewed spirit and newly found purpose rooted in loving those around her, Jennifer founded Creation Skin Sanctuary, a skincare brand with a mission to radically love others, calling each person to take a step forward, to create their own personal sanctuary where the power of grace can renew their spirit and help them to live the life they were created to live. 

“When I look back at my journey, I would have never imagined that it would lead me to pursue a professional career in cosmetic chemistry. Now that I am here, I am just filled with so much gratitude for the opportunity to serve others. 

With a heart for the Research & Development process and Jennifer at the helm, Creation Skin is entering a new season of results-driven  innovation with an unwavering commitment to quality, service, and community. 

Jennifer believes that it is important to never stop learning, discovering, and developing new innovative ways to live a life of purpose in harmony with the natural world, a belief that is she hopes inspires others to do the same. 

💙   Jennifer, Founder of Creation Skin Sanctuary
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