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Rose Gold Eye Sculpting Multi-tool


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Our beautiful rose gold eye sculpting multi-tool is great for application of your products to the sensitive eye area but can also be used as a contour massage and acupuncture tool.

Can be used a cosmetic scoop to keep your fingers out of your jars which keeps your products fresher for longer!

To apply to the eye contour area, use the round part of the tool to dab cream onto the eye contour, then gently massage the skincare into the eye area to enhance product absorption while re-energizing the eye area. This can help to reduce the appearance of dark circles and minimize puffiness of the eye area, helping you to look less fatigued.

As a massage/acupuncture tool: Focusing on the areas of your face that are feeling tense, use the rounded end of the tool to apply gentle but firm pressure until you feel the tension release. Remember to be firm but gentle! The areas most likely to hold your tension are the forehead, brow line, and jawline.

Made from 100% recyclable zinc alloy and packaged in a fabric pouch.

To keep your tool clean, be sure to wash with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly after each use.

Next Generation Innovation

Utilizing cutting-edge, Blue Bio-technology techniques to sustainably harness the healing powers of aquatic organisms

What people are saying 

My Holy Grail
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My holy grail eye cream. After a few weeks of use, it noticeably helped brighten my under-eye circles and reduced the appearance of fine lines.
My new favorite
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I have found my new favorite cleansing balm. It takes off makeup and SPF with ease without irritating my eyes. It is so silky feeling and the scent is gorgeous but not too strong.
Seriously Impressed
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I'm seriously impressed with Mitis. You only need a dime sized amount to wrap your skin in rich nourishment, a smooth, non-greasy, dewy texture finish that I really love.
A true gem
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Laetus is a true gem. Jennifer has proven that organic and wildcrafted skincare is truly a luxury when precision and expertise are the foundations of formulating. 
Smells amazing
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This serum [Fortem] has easily become one of my favorite serums. It smells amazing and it soaks right into my skin. I love that it is not oily.
No words
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I have no words! I have extremely dry, sensitive skin. This white tea moisturizer is the BOMB!
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