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Exposure is inevitable, skin damage is not. Where most products are aimed at repairing or shielding, ALPENAGE™ helps cells to adapt and thrive in adverse climatic conditions where daily exposure to extreme temperatures, pollution, and UV/ blue light have the ability to degrade and deteriorate the skin, resulting in early signs of aging, skin discoloration, and a lackluster complexion. 

Let your Healthy Beauty radiate with ALPENAGE ™.

strengthen • Brighten • firm • protect • adapt • strengthen • Brighten • firm • protect • adapt • strengthen • Brighten • firm • protect • adapt


ageless renew serum

Infused with ALPENAGE ™ Bio-Retinol, a unique complex of adaptive and resilient, Alpine Flora, combined with innovative bio-tech botanicals, and clinically-proven phyto-actives to visibly enhance moisture, firmness, and skin tone, while improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. 

adaptive & resilient

Ingredient Spotlight

Advancements in cutting-edge technologies have allowed us to harness the unique properties of endangered and protected species without causing harm or removing the plant from its native environment. Now that is sustainable.

Alpenage Bio-Retinol Serum

This product contains flora from the bio-diverse region of The Alps where adaptation to extreme climatic conditions such as wind, cold, and UV exposure is crucial for survival of a species.

Innovations in biology and technology have resulted in next generation ingredients that allowed us to harness the power of the active plants cells without causing us to extract the plant from its native environment,  delivering high-performing results that you can feel good about.





the results

Clinical Studies

All studies conducted have been peer reviewed and verified for accuracy and to ensure integrity. 


alpenrose Stem Cells

The alpine rose (aka Alpenrose) is a cold-resistant shrub that is able to adapt to very hard environmental conditions such as large variationsin temperature, UV and dryness. High contents in various polyphenolic compounds protect the plant tissue against attack
of radicals.

In response to cold, dehydrating or freezing stresses, alpine rose leaf tissues start to synthesize protective proteins called dehydrins. Dehydrins accumulate during cold acclimatization and behave as tiny sponges by retaining water around cell membrane and proteins.


clinical Data

The Clinical Studies concluded after 16 days of application during a ski holiday in the Alps,  the Alpenrose stem cells: 

Protect the Skin against Harsh Environmental Conditions

Strengthens & Protects the Skin Barrier from TEWL (indicating a strong skin barrier with a 39% reduction in TEWL)

An anti-wrinkle effect that resulted in a visible reduction of depth and number of wrinkles on crow’s feet.


In a 12 week clinical study, the affects of Bakuchiol were reported:
• Reduction in appearance of wrinkles and decrease in depth.

Testing Protocol: Conducted during a 16 day skin holiday in the Alps with 22 volunteers aged between 20 - 52.



Bakuchiol is a meroterpene phenol abundant in seeds and leaves of the plant Psoralea corylifolia. Although bakuchiol, biologically has no structural resemblance to retinoids, it has the ability to function as a retinol. 


clinical Data

The Clinical Studies demonstrated that after 12 weeks of application, bakuchiol demonstrated  retinol-like activity that showed:

Siginificant imporvement in lines and wrinkles, pigmentation,  elasticity, firmness and overall reduction in photo-damage was observed, without usual retinol therapy-associated undesirable effects.



After 16 days of applying Alpine Rose Stem cells, the following observations were reported:
• 45% reduction in the appearance of wrinkles
• 54% reduction in the appearance of redness/irritation.

Chaudhuri, R.K. and Bojanowski, K. (2014), Bakuchiol: a retinol-like functional compound revealed by gene expression profiling and clinically proven to have anti-aging effects. Int J Cosmet Sci, 36: 221-230.

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